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Sunday, January 11, 2009


From the Jan. 9th, 2009 New York Times:

"A NEW NICKNAME AT OKLAHOMA Now that Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops’s reputation as Big Game Bob has been reduced to a mocking reference, a new moniker has emerged for the Sooners: “Chokelahoma.” That was yelled by Florida fans after their team’s victory."

I was having a conversation about the (then upcoming game) last Thursday at work with som co-workers, when one suggested that if I was a TRUE "Mizzou" fan, I should be wanting Oklahoma to win because it would be better for the "Big 12" Conference".

Yeah maybe that is true, but I can't forget the arrogance of Oklahoma when they defeated Missouri earlier this year and I can't help but think: "Screw the Big 12", Oklahoma just got served and Mizzou just got avenged!

Clint, Missouri Bushwhacker

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